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Wyoming Perspectives is a quarterly live, call-in public affairs program which focuses on events and topics of interest to the people of Wyoming.

Refugee and Immigration Policy

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Wyoming PBS and the Wyoming Humanities Council partnered to explore immigration and refugee policy in Wyoming in a special Wyoming Perspectives broadcast from Heart Mountain in northwest Wyoming. Panelist: refugee now teacher Bertine Bahige, Rep. Tom Reeder from Natrona County, Suzan Pritchett from the University of Wyoming College of Law and Sen. Al Simpson (Ret.). You can view the video of the entire broadcast plus additional "streaming" video here.

Marijuana Decisions

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Wyoming PBS Producer Craig Blumenshine brings together a group of panelists for a live call-in discussion on the issues relating to medical and recreational marijuana and its potential future impact in the Equality State. Scheduled panelists include Lincoln County Sheriff Shane Johnson, President of the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police; Chris Christian, Director of the Wyoming NORML chapter; Dr. David Wheeler, MD, PhD, a neurologist at Wyoming Neurologic Associates and Representative David Miller, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. You can watch the entire discussion here and learn more about the show here.

Sage Grouse

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Wyoming PBS Public Affairs Producer Craig Blumenshine hosts a discussion about sage grouse management in Wyoming with panelists Tom Christiansen, Sage Grouse Program Coordinator for the Wyoming Game and Fish; Marc Dantzker from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Paul Ulrich from Jonah Energy and Holly Copeland, Spatial Ecologist/ Habitat Modeler, The Nature Conservancy in Wyoming. You can watch the entire discussion here and learn more about the show here.


'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Wyoming PBS producer Craig Blumenshine hosts a panel discussion on cancer on March 26, 2015, at 7 p.m. as a special edition of the public affairs call-in show Wyoming Perspectives. Panelists include Dr. Carmen Pisc, MD, Dr. Gregory Marino, MD, Val Walsh-Haines, Mary Roberson, Karen J. Chingman. You can view the entire panel discussion here and learn more about the show here.


'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Airs Thursday, May 29 at 7 p.m. In this program, we take a look at an innovative alternative to the traditional nursing home model adopted by Sheridan, Green House Living, then sit down with industry experts and concerned citizens to discuss eldercare housing issues in a live call-in program hosted by Debbie Hammons. Learn more about the show by clicking here.

Wyoming Youth Sports: Concussions and Head Injuries. A Parent's Guide

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"You can watch the entire episode here.
Parents across the state are trying to make sense of information regarding concussions and brain injuries and high school and college athletics. In this special live edition of Wyoming Perspectives, host Craig Blumenshine discusses this very important topic with scheduled guests Ryan Pinson, Head Athletic Trainer at the University of Wyoming; Trevor Wilson, Associate Commissioner of the Wyoming High School Activities Association; and Todd Wright, former University of Maryland football player and current Program Director for Rocky Mountain Re-entry Services which supports clients with acquired brain injuries. Wright is also a middle school football coach who emphasizes techniques to reduce concussive blows in practices and games.

Questions from viewers are encouraged. Please call with your questions to 800-495-9788 or submit via Twitter to @WyoConcussions.

Health Care Exchange Update

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"You can watch the entire show here.
Our subject is the introduction of the health insurance marketplace beginning in October in a live broadcast from 7-8 pm on Thursday, Sept. 26 from the new Health Science Building at Central Wyoming College.

Our guests are:

1. Mike Fierberg, the Public Affairs Specialist for the Denver Regional Office of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). This agency is part of the federal Dept. of Health & Human Services and is responsible for administering a federal insurance exchange in states that declined to set up their own exchange.

2. Carla Borders from Wyoming Senior Citizens Inc. She is one of the ?navigators? trained to help people decide what health coverage is most appropriate for their needs.

3. Danielle Allred, Outreach/Enrollment Specialist for the Migrant Health Program in Powell. She will talk about how the Exchange could benefit uninsured and/or underinsured Wyoming residents, including migrant and seasonal farm workers, by helping them access information about the federal healthcare marketplace.

4. Rep. Kathy Coleman from Sheridan is a member of the Wyoming Legislature?s Select Committee on Health Benefit Exchanges and the Labor, Health and Social Services Committee.

Viewers can call 800-495-9788 or tweet questions to #WyoHealth.

In Wyoming, to speak with a trained "navigator" to guide you through the process, call 1-800-856-4398 or go to: www.wyomingseniors.com

Starting Tuesday, Oct. 1, you can go to www.healthcare.gov to select a health plan. Just select Wyoming as your state, follow the instructions and enter the information the site asks for.

Wyoming and the Second Amendment

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"You can watch the entire video of the episode here.
As the national debate over gun rights continues in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings, Wyoming PBS presents an hour-long live call-in program "Wyoming and the Second Amendment" originally aired on Thursday, April 25, 2013. The program will emphasize understanding the issues such as the divide between gun owners and gun control advocates, whether new laws are needed, the true dimension of gun violence and its roots, how to avoid the politics that make any progress possible, and new ways to work toward reducing the number of needless firearms deaths including mental health reforms. We will look at attitudes towards guns in Wyoming and how this state ranks in preventing gun violence.
Richard Ager, the host of Wyoming Chronicle, hosts and moderates. The panel guests are Dr. Phil Roberts, history professor at the University of Wyoming and author of a recent opinion in Wyofile.com about the history of regulating guns in Wyoming towns. Our second guest is Dan Baum, the author of the new book "Gun Guys: A Road Trip". Here's how he described it in his Wall St. Journal interview, "I recently drove 15,000 miles around the country... talking to gun guys in their homes and garages, at gun shows and ranges, at gun stores and in the woods, trying to figure out why they are so deeply attracted to firearms and why guns inspire such passion on all sides. In part, it was a voyage of self-discovery. I'm a weirdo hybrid: a lifelong gun guy who is also a lifelong liberal Democrat. I often feel like the child of a bitter divorce who has allegiance to both parents."

A Conversation with Governor Mead

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"You can watch the entire video of the episode here.
Replay on-line here of Thursday, December 13, conversation with Gov. Mead Tune in to Wyoming Perspectives on Dec. 13 at 7 p.m. as Richard Ager from Wyoming PBS visits with Governor Mead in this live, call in program.

The Future of Medicare and Social Security

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Tune in to Wyoming Perspectives on Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. as Bob Beck from Wyoming Public Media discusses the future of Medicare and Social Security with panelists Mike Fierberg from the US Centers for Medicaid and Medicare; UW professor and economist Anne Alexander, and AARP Government Relations VP John Hishta. Each panelist will answer questions from the moderator to discuss what changes may be in store for Medicare and Social Security; why viewers should care; and what the changes may mean for Wyoming and its economy.

Watch Meidcare and Social Security in Wyoming on PBS. See more from KCWC.

One on One with Governor Mead

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"One year into his first term, Governor Matt Mead meets with Wyoming PBS Producer Geoff O'Gara to talk about his proposed budget, the state's controversial wolf plan, and other issues raised by viewers' live call-in questions.

Surprising Life of the Grown-up Brain

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Bob Beck hosts this call-in special edition of Wyoming Perspectives sponsored by AARP of Wyoming, which focuses on the aging brain and how to keep it fit and alert for many years, despite the aging process. Panelists include Dr. David Wheeler, neurologist from Casper; Dr. Deb Fleming, professor and director of the UW Geriatric Education Center; Alice Burron, exercise physiologist and wellness specialist with Wyoming Health Fairs; and Tim Summers, director of AARP Wyoming. Call your questions into the panel at 800-495-9788 or email them prior to broadcast to wy@aarp.org.

Juvenile Justice in Wyoming

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"State leaders, legal professionals and reform advocates continue to passionately debate the current status and future of the juvenile justice system in Wyoming. Margaret Benson visits with Chuck Kratz - Fremont County Youth Services Director; Jeani Stone - Campbell County Prosecuting Attorney; Beth Evans, Ph.D - Chairman of the Wyoming State Advisory Council on Juvenile Justice; and Representative Kermit Brown - Chairman of the Joint Judiciary Committee about this this challenging issue.

Watch Juvenile Justice in Wyoming on PBS. See more from Wyoming Perspectives.

Coping with Alzheimers

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Program host, Margaret Benson, and expert guests will discuss many topics and issues involved with Alzheimer Disease including diagnosing the disease and coping with its impacts on a loved one . The panel of experts will include, Martha Stearn, MD. and Carol Taylor, LCSW from the St. John's Institute for Cognitive Health in Jackson, Wyoming and Rev. Dr. Cathie Hughes, CEO of SW WRAP in association with the Wyoming Aging & Disability Resource Center. The effects of "Alzheimer's" on the human brain will be discussed as well as resources and strategies for caring for individuals impacted by this heartbreaking disease. Alzheimer Disease is the most frequent cause of irreversible dementia in adults. Intellectual impairment progresses gradually from forgetfulness to total disability. Diagnosing the disease and coping with its impacts on a loved one involve their own unique skills and challenges. Phone in your questions during this live broadcast, 1-800-495-9788. Click here to learn more about this program.

Bullying Prevention & Solutions for Wyoming

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Bullying in public schools and college campuses occurs in the form of verbal and physical abuse as well as "cyberbullying." Join Wyoming Perspectives host Margaret Benson and special guests as they explore the motivations behind bullying and various solutions to address this serious problem. Scheduled guests include David Cozzens, Ph.D., Dean of Students for the University of Wyoming; Lee Neeley, Violence Prevention Facilitator for Safe and Drug Free Schools Laramie County School District #1; and Monica Mencer, Cheyenne East High School senior and leader for the Link Crew program. Call in your questions during this live broadcast to 800-495-9788.

For additional information on bullying prevention in Wyoming please visit www.bullyfreewyoming.com.

Juvenile Justice System in Wyoming

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Margaret Benson and guests Judge (retired) Gary Hartman, who works for Governor Freudenthal as the Juvenile Justice Policy Analyst, and Donna Sheen, current Chair of the Wyoming Advisory Council on Juvenile Justice discuss current developments impacting the Juvenile Justice system in Wyoming. The discussion will include recently passed state legislation and federal Stimulus funds which have been spent in Wyoming to address this challenging issue.

Healthcare Reform in Wyoming

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Spending on medical services is expected to account for a full 21 percent of the United States' total gross domestic product by the end of this decade. While Congress has passed the legislation and the president has signed the bill, the full effect of the federal government's recent healthcare reform measures have yet to be felt by patients, doctors and the states in which they live. It should go without saying that any measure that significantly affects nearly one-fifth of the country's economy is bound to have a serious impact on the way states address health care issues in the future. Governor Dave Freudenthal recently asked Wyoming Department of Health Director Dr. Brent Sherard to analyze the impact the recent healthcare bill will have on the state of Wyoming. Dr. Sherard joins Wyoming Perspectives host Charles Pelkey to discuss the bill, the state's options and to answer your questions about the future of healthcare in Wyoming.

One on One with the Governor

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Wyoming PBS producer Geoff O'Gara talks with Governor Freudenthal about the budget, the state's plan for protecting sage grouse, his wife's appointment to the federal bench and his plans for his political future. Call in your questions to the governor during this live call-in program at 800-495-9788.

Wyoming Education Summary

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"This month's Wyoming Perspectives will feature a discussion on the current state of education in Wyoming. How did your local juniors do on the ACT? What schools are showing growth in key indicator areas? Did you realize bullying and harassment is a continuing challenge in Wyoming schools? Dr. James McBride, Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction, will be joined by other education stakeholders to review and discuss the 2009 Wyoming Education Summary, McBride's report out to the people of Wyoming about what is going on in education. Join us to learn what you need to know about education in Wyoming and why it matters. Hosted by Margaret Benson.

Driving Under the Influence in Wyoming

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Persons driving under the influence is an ongoing problem in our state. During the 2009 Wyoming legislative session, lawmakers debated bills that would establish stronger punishments for repeat offenders. Are the penalties for this offense tough enough in Wyoming? Is the answer increased substance-abuse prevention? Call in your questions and join in the conversation as program host Margaret Benson and special guests explore these questions on Wyoming Perspectives.

Harnessing the Wind: Wyoming's New Energy Development Frontier

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"WYOMING PERSPECTIVES "Harnessing the Wind: Wyoming's New Energy Development Frontier" - Wyoming has more than its fair share of wide open spaces; beautiful landscapes; energy resources and wind! Far more fantastic than any windmills conjured up by Don Quixote; the sleek white giants rising up on Wyoming's skylines mark the development of Wyoming's ever present energy source: the wind! Program host Margaret Benson will be joined by Grant Stumbough, area coordinator for the Southeastern Wyoming Conservation and Development council; Terry Henderson, rancher and chair of the Walker Creek Wind Energy Association; and Laurie Milford, Executive Director for the Wyoming Outdoor Council to discuss the status and future of wind energy development and its long term impact on our state. Call in your questions and join in the conversation. Call 1-800-495-9788.

Wyoming's Forests

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Drive through just about any forested area in Wyoming and you will see the rust-colored evidence of the devastation caused by the trees' relentless enemy, the pine beetle. Is the pine beetle problem a hopeless epidemic threatening Wyoming's forests? Could dying trees provide new economic opportunities for our state? Join program host, Margaret Benson, as she discusses these issues with experts involved with the various aspects of pine beetle kill in Wyoming forests.

Report Card to Wyoming

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"September is the month when schools and communities get results from all the students' statewide testing. Parents and kids find out whether they have made adequate yearly progress on academic standards, and schools find out whether they might be labeled a "failing school". Join Wyoming's Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Jim McBride, Dr. Joel Dvorak from Casper, Dr. Brian Monteith from Cody, and Dr. Pam Shea, from Jackson, who discuss the gaps, the progress and the successes their schools have made on statewide and national standards. Host: Margaret Benson

Sage Grouse

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologists recommed that the state continue with an 11-day hunting season for sage grouse this year, yet the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering whether they should be protected under the federal Endangered Species Act. Wyoming PBS host Tom Rae is joined by wildlife expert in this live, call-in public affairs program to discuss this issue.

The Savvy Investor - Protecting Against Scams

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Fraud prevention experts join program host, Margaret Benson, to discuss Investment Fraud in Wyoming. As long as people have money, other people will be looking for unlawful methods to get it. Unfortunately, Wyoming citizens lose thousands of dollars to investment fraud. The victims and the "scammers" have many faces - young, old, rich, poor, educated and less educated. Program guests: Wyoming Secretary of State Max Maxfield; Wyoming Secretary of State's Securities Director, Tom Cowan; and Wyoming AARP Executive Director, Rita Inoway and Associate Director of Communications, Joanne Bowlby will explore how you can identify investment fraud and protect yourself from becoming a victim.

First Lady

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"In this Wyoming Perspectives program, First Lady Nancy Freudenthal brings together high school students, law enforcement officials and a special guest from Washington, DC: U.S. Surgeon General, Rear Admiral Steven K. Galson, for a discussion on underage drinking and the Surgeon General's call to action for communities, families and young people; Wyoming PBS producer Geoff O'Gara hosts.

Juvenile Injustice

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"When Wyoming young people run afoul of the law, they often find themselves in an adult court system that treats them harshly or lets them fall through the cracks. On Perspectives this month, lawyers, judges and youthful offenders discuss reforms to improve the state's antiquated juvenile justice system. The Freechild Project believes that the United States is suffering an epidemic of injustice that relies on the steady increase in the numbers of young people of color and low income young people in prison. This epidemic is perpetuated by systemic racism, and facilitated by the prison-industrial complex. A growing community of young activists are working to change this formula. "Our youth are not failing the system; the system is failing our youth. Ironically, the very youth who are being treated the worst are the young people who are going to lead us out of this nightmare." - Rachel Jackson, of Books Not Bars.

The Future of Wyoming Coal

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Wyoming produces more coal than any other state, and Wyoming depends heavily on this vast mineral wealth. But coal puts far more carbon dioxide into the air, per unit of energy produced, than any other fossil fuel. Rob Hurless, energy advisor to Gov. Dave Freudenthal; State Senator Michael Von Flatern, of Gillette; Arch Coal spokesman Greg Schaefer, and Jason Marsden of the Wyoming Conservation Voters will join host Tom Rea for an hour of live discussion, with questions called in by viewers like you.

Wyoming’s Health: How good is it?

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"How healthy are Wyoming people? How good is their health care? How expensive is it? Is good health care available to everyone? If not, whose job is it to extend good health care to all? Join host Tom Rea and a panel of healthcare providers and consumers ready to take your questions.

Capital Construction and Wyoming Public Schools

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"

Host Tom Rea brings together a panel of experts to discuss capital construction projects in public schools around the state. Viewers are encouraged to call in questions to 800-495-9788.

Public education in the city of Riverton is managed by Fremont County School District #25. The district operates three K-3 elementary schools (Ashgrove, Lincoln, and Jackson), Rendezvous Elementary School (grades 4-5), Riverton Middle School (grades 6-8), and Riverton High School (grades 9-12).

The provided drawing is JGA Architects for the proposed Lincoln Elementary School in Riverton, WY.

Community Colleges in Wyoming

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"

In this live, call-in program, panelists from the community college community around the state address the concerns and contradictions brought up by "Discounted Dreams".

Wyoming Community Colleges:


'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Providing quality child care is seen as an essential part of building Wyoming's workforce and preparing its children for a 21st century education. In this month's "Wyoming Perspectives: Quality Child Care" airing live on Tuesday, April 24 at 8 pm on Wyoming Public Television, host Geoff O'Gara will be joined by Wyoming officials, educators and parents to discuss the need for child care services in Wyoming, the economics of child care and the role of government in child care. Scheduled guests include Representative Elaine Harvey (R-Lovell); Sue Erpelding with the Coalition for Wyoming Children; and John Birbari from the Wyoming Family Coalition. Viewers are encouraged to call in questions during the program at 800-495-9788, or fax questions to Wyoming PBS at 307-856-3893 prior to the program.

Avalanche and Other Winter Survival

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"

Each year, avalanches claim more than 150 lives worldwide, a number that has been increasing over the past few decades. Many more are injured in these deadly forces. This month, "Wyoming Perspectives: Avalanche and Other Winter Survival" discusses avalanche awareness and safety along with other winter survival techniques.

Bob Comey with the Bridger Teton National Forest Avalanche Center and Rocky Treese with the Wyoming Snowmobile Association's board of directors will be joined by Tim Ciocarlan from the Teton County Search and Rescue team to discuss what to do in avalanche and other dangerous winter conditions by applying some winter survival basics. Host Kristin Espeland moderates.

Viewers are encouraged to call in questions during the program at 800-495-9788, or fax questions to Wyoming Public Television at 307-856-3893 prior to the event.

Additional Resources

For more information about avalanche and winter safety, visit these links:


Depression and Suicide in Wyoming: Hope for the High Plains

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Millions of Americans suffer from depression, and Wyomingites are no different. Left unchecked, depression can lead to suicidal thoughts. Sadly, Wyoming tops the nation in suicides per capita and the problem is getting worse. Join host, Kristin Espeland, and expert panelists for a special look at how the state is responding to this epidemic as well as finding new hope for sufferers of depression.

The Mental Health Division of the Wyoming Department of Health exists to be a leader in providing high-quality behavioral services that anticipate and respond to the changing needs of persons served.

Our strategic plan is to advocate for and participate in the development and maintenance of a comprehensive system of mental health services and supports throughout Wyoming, which stresses independence, dignity, security, and recovery.

Wyoming citizens and other interested members of the public may learn more about the Mental Health Planning Council and its work, exchange information, and access resources and reports.

Ballot Issues

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"

Political Scientist Dave Marcum and strategists from the Democratic and Republican parties join host Geoff O'Gara to talk about statewide races in the November election. They also discuss three constitutional amendments on the ballot this year - significant but often overlooked measures which voters must decide on in November.

Wyoming 2006 Ballot Measures

Wildlife Trust

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"

The Wyoming Wildlife Trust Fund (WWTF) was created by the legislature and signed into law by Gov. Dave Freudenthal in March, 2005.

With $15 million allocated to the fund and a brand-new, managing board of 9 people, the WWTF is set to preserve and restore wildlife habitat and open spaces.

Join legislators, board members and host Kristin Espeland to track the progress of this unique Wyoming wildlife enhancement fund.

Affordable Housing

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Two words are reverberating around the state: "affordable housing". In Sublette, Sweetwater, Natrona and Campbell Counties, the stories are similar - thousands of new jobs and workers are far exceeding the amount of available housing. In Gillette, the construction of three new power plants is expected to attract hundreds of new workers; in Rock Springs and Green River, more than 1,000 jobs are predicted to be available in the next two years; and in Sublette County, hundreds of people commute hundreds of miles every week because of lack of housing. This month on Wyoming Perspectives, planning commission members, mayors and economic development spokespersons join host Kristin Espland to discuss this issue and possible solutions for Wyoming communities. Kristin, WPTV's newest public affairs host, graduated with an MA in Broadcasting from Columbia University and works full-time for Wyoming Public Radio as an anchor/reporter. Visit the WYOMING PERSPECTIVE "Affordable Housing" website for additional show-related resources.

Prescription Drugs

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"May 15 marks the deadline for Medicare recipients to sign up for new prescription drug coverage. The drug plan, commonly called Medicare Part D, is the first major overhaul to the health coverage program in years, and many recipients stand to save substantial amounts of money on their prescriptions if they sign up. But some say Part D's many options are confusing, signing up is daunting, and, for some, the savings aren't big enough. In this month's "Wyoming Perspectives: Prescription Drugs" airing Thursday, April 20 at 7 pm on Wyoming Public Television, the state's leading experts on the prescription drug program join host Kristin Espeland to discuss this topic and answer viewer questions. Scheduled guests include state pharmacist Roxanne Homar, Renee Gamino Diaz from AARP and Janet Hackleman from the Wyoming Senior Health Insurance Information Program. Viewers are encouraged to call in questions during the program at 800-495-9788, or fax questions to Wyoming Public Television at 307-856-3893 prior to the program. Questions may also be e-mailed to Wyoming Public Television's general manager at: dan@wyoptv.org. For more information, visit the "Wyoming Perspectives: Prescription Drugs" website.

Hathaway Scholarship

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"The much-anticipated Hathaway scholarship program debuts this fall and could make the state's colleges - both the University of Wyoming and the seven community colleges - much more accessible to college-bound high school students across the state. In "Wyoming Perspectives: Hathaway Scholarship" the state's leading experts on the program join this month's host Wyoming Public Radio's Kristen Espeland to discuss this topic and answer your questions. Scheduled guests include Senator Tex Boggs, who has worked to make the Hathaway scholarship program a reality through the legislative process; University of Wyoming financial aid expert Noah Buckley, who will be able to answer questions regarding scholarship expenses, and what will be covered; Jim McBride, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, who will provide details on how the program will be rolled out; and a high school guidance counselor, who can explain the challenges young people face in going on to school.

Building New Schools

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"The state of Wyoming has embarked on a massive school-building program, replacing antiquated schools, largely to meet the directives of court judgments requiring equal education for all Wyoming students. The school building program is being directed by the Wyoming School Facilities Commission, which has sometimes raised the hackles of school districts and advocates of local control. In this episode, state facilities officials, educators and school trustees join host Geoff O'Gara to discuss this topic and answer your questions. Scheduled guests include Jim 'Bubba' Shivler, director, school facilities commission; Jim McBride, Wyoming superintendent of public instruction; and Tom Rooney, director of Support Operations, Laramie County School District. Viewers are encouraged to call in questions during the program at 800-495-9788, or fax questions to Wyoming Public Television at 307-856-3893 prior to the program. Questions may also be e-mailed to Wyoming Public Television's general manager at: dan@wyoptv.org.

Wyoming and the Flu

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"

The flu can be more than a seasonal annoyance. Sometimes it can kill. What is it about flu that makes it so hard to combat? When can we expect another killer flu season? And what is Wyoming doing to prepare for it? Call in your questions to 800-495-9788.

For more information, please visit the Wyoming and the Flue Web Site.

One on One with the Governor

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"Wyoming Public TV journalist Geoff O'Gara talks with Governor Freudenthal in a live call-in program. Viewers are encouraged to call in questions at 800-495-9788.

Gaming in Wyoming

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"

The recent controversy over expanded gambling in the Arapaho tribe's 789 Casino shows that Wyoming is still divided on the issue. Is gambling a boon that will stimulate a weak tribal economy and fund social programs?

Or is it a bane, amplifying the very social ills it's supposed to combat? Wyoming Public TV's newest host M.J. Clark invites viewers to call in questions during the program to 800-495-9788.

Teton School of Business

'.$row->name.' "'.$row->title.'"A group of legislators has proposed a new school of business in Jackson Hole. Can the University of Wyoming do business on the other side of the state? Is a resort town the right roost for graduate studies? Legislators, businessmen and academics gather in Jackson to answer your questions about the UW Teton School of Business, on this edition of Wyoming Perspectives.