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Stan Hathaway - Trust in Wyoming

Stan Hathaway
Trust in Wyoming

Stan Hathaway's many initiatives shaped the government service we now take for granted in Wyoming - from economic planning to environmental protection to the arts. He transformed state government - and the lives of generations to come.
Photo: Gov. Hathaway (left) with Senator Roy Peck.

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Wyoming PBS tells the story of one of Wyoming's most revered politicians, Gov. Stan Hathaway (1924-2004). Hathaway was a child of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. From a homestead farm in Goshen County, Wyoming, he saw the wider world as a radioman and gunner on a B-17, flying 35 combat missions over Europe in World War II. After attending law school on the GI Bill, he returned to Wyoming to practice law in Torrington. From these humble beginnings, Hathaway rose to become a two-term governor of Wyoming and a member of President Gerold Ford's cabinet.