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Wyoming PBS Engineering

Up-To-Date Listing

Date Entered    Communties/Areas AffectedEngineerIssue
2018-02-22SundanceLonny Fairfield

Over the air veiwers in the Sundance area will need to rescan for channels.  We have completed installing the new transmitter and antenna system required for the channel change.

2018-02-04ShoshoniLonny Fairfield

Viewers in Shoshoni are affected by a channel change on Copper Mountain.  Rescanning for channels on the television will be required to restore WyomingPBS service.

2018-02-01State Wide OTALonny Fairfield

Wyoming PBS is installing new video encoding equipment at the studio.  If you lose the WyomingPBS over the air signal you may need to rescan for channels.

2018-02-01GilletteLonny Fairfield

WyomingPBS has finished installing of the new antenna and transmiter system.  Due to a required channel change in Gillette viewers will need to rescan their televisions.


2018-01-29Greybull, BasinLonny Fairfield

WyomingPBS is installing a new antenna in the Greybull / Basin area.  Due to a required channel change viewers will need to rescan their TV receivers to pick up WyomingPBS.