Wyoming PBS Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Public File Reports

Below are links to this station's EEO Statements, provided in Adobe PDF format. Click on a link below to view/download the statement.

WyomingPBS and KCWC-FM Outreach Statement

WyomingPBS and KCWC-FM seek to achieve broad and inclusive outreach in filling their employment opportunities by:

Local Content Report

WyomingPBS and KCWC-FM Equal Employment Opportunity Initiatives Undertaken Pursuant to 73:2080 (C (2)

WyomingPBS and KCWC-FM as a services of Central Wyoming College shares its facilities with the educational components of the college. The college's Electronic Media Production and Operations curriculum annually awards $12,000 in scholarships to students who are enrolled in the curriculum. Students are regularly employed in part time positions which develop experience in radio and television skills. Many of the entry level positions at the stations KCWC-FM and KCWC-TV have been filled over the years by students who have gained experience by part time work at the stations. Students who have either worked part-time or as volunteers are often recommended to other broadcast facilities when openings become available.

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Please cotact: Terry Dugas, General Manager, Wyoming PBS
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