Pavillion’s Breadwagon – filling a gastronomical gap

By Ernie Over – Wyoming Business Report

PAVILLION – When the town of Pavillion’s only grocery store and coffee shop closed this summer, residents and neighbors of this farming community of 190 were left with few choices.

They could wait for the town’s popular Cajun steakhouse to open on Wednesday through Sunday evenings, or they could drive eight miles south, 10 miles west or 26 miles southeast for the nearest food at Kinnear, Midvale or Riverton, respectively.

Bernice Newton and Debbie Clymer, who live on opposite ends of Pavillion, came to the town’s rescue. The two are partners in “The Breadwagon,” a food vendor fixture at the Fremont County Fair for the last three decades.

“Why don’t we step in and fill the need?” Newton later recalled saying about the pair’s conversation of the town’s plight.

Faced with the opportunity, Newton and Clymer invested in a brand new trailer, found a spot to park it on P’ville’s main drag, and opened for business.

“This town was starving,” Newton said one late morning in October. Outside, a mother with child in tow ordered corn dogs and drinks from a side door, and a lone diner sat at a table next to the trailer, eating a burrito.

“We went to the town council to find out what we needed to do, and they told us to find a location and open up,” she said.

The Breadwagon has received what Newton said was “awesome response.” The locals like it because it’s all homemade food specializing in Mexican and a specialty dish called a “Branding Wheel,” among other menu items.

The Breadwagon opens at 11 a.m. and stays open until 6:30 p.m. or later. “And it’s usually later,” she said.

The owner of the land where the Breadwagon is parked owns one of the town’s two bars, which is right next door. “She’s pleased because people will order here and take their food next door where they can have a drink,” Newton said.

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