Pete Williams

On this week’s Wyoming Chronicle: a life spent on both sides of the news.

It’s a long way from a newsroom in Casper, Wyoming to the Pentagon Briefing Room, but that is the road Pete Williams took to Washington. In 1986, left daily journalism behind to work for Congressman Dick Cheney. Three years later, Cheney became Secretary of Defense, and Williams followed, becoming an Assistant Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon’s public face during the First Gulf War. As American and allied forces fought to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait, anxious Americans watched the war unfold on their televisions. In the process, Pete Williams became a fixture on network television news. A few years later, he returned to television news as a correspondent for NBC News, a position he still holds today. In our wide-ranging interview, Williams talks about telling the truth, controlling the facts, and the contested ground where personal privacy ends and the public right to know begins.

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