Survival Along a Wilderness Trail

It happened on a sunny September morning in 2009.    Two sisters-in-law, Nina DeVore of Casper, Wyoming and Kim DeVore of Eaton, Colorado set out on a hike into the Colorado wilderness.  As they prepared to turn back toward the family cabin, a masked man in full camouflage ran out from the woods and put a knife to Nina’s throat.  It soon became apparent he had rape – or even worse on his mind.   What happened next is a story of courage, love and quick wits in the face of danger.   Wyoming Chronicle Producer, Margaret Benson recently met with Kim and Nina DeVore and they shared their story.

In July, 2011, James Bondsteel was sentenced to 134 years to life for his crimes which included assaults on other women.  Kim and Nina’s testimony was crucial in that conviction.  Earlier in the year, Larimer County of Colorado honored them with the Victim Service Award of Distinction. This award recognizes both women for their actions “that raised the profile of victims’ issues in the community.”  Nina and Kim worked as a team, saving each other’s lives,  on that never-to-be forgotten September morning.

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