Snowboarder Travis Rice

One of National Geographic’s 2012 Adventurers of the Year, snowboarder and Jackson native Travis Rice sits down with Wyoming Chronicle on the eve of his Supernatural event, an invite-only contest designed to crown the world’s best all-around snowboarder.

In 2000, Travis Rice was an unknown 18-year-old when he showed up at a snowboarding competition sponsored by Snowboarder magazine in Mammoth, California. He left the event a star. How did Rice, who was born and raised in Jackson Hole (his father was a ski patroller at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort), get noticed? He launched himself high into the stratosphere off a giant snow ramp, flipping 540 degrees (that’s one-and-a-half rotations) before landing backwards and more than 100 feet downslope.

Today, Rice is 29 and recognized as one of the best and most diverse snowboarders in the world. National Geographic named him one of 2012’s Adventurers of the Year, hailing him as “the best all-around snowboarder in the world … equally capable of showing up to win a slope style event in Aspen as he is in pioneering a first descent in the remote Darwin Range on the tip of South America. In early 2012, Snowboarder magazine named him the 2011 Rider of the Year. Rice has won several X Games medals and appeared in dozens of movies, most recently The Art of Flight, in which he not only starred, but also co-produced and wrote.

Flight took two years to make and includes mountains from Alaska to Wyoming, Austria, Romania, Chile, and Colorado.

In early February Rice is hosting Supernatural, a competition he designed to crown the world’s best all-around snowboarder. It is taking place in a remote backcountry area in British Columbia and includes 80-man-made features Rice designed himself. It is invitation-only and Rice himself is competing. Sadly, we can’t tell you the results because we’re sending this press release out before it’s finished. You’ll have to Google that on your own.

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