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Our Wyoming is a collection of short stories highlighting the unique characters and characteristics of our state. From the release of buffalo on the Wind River Reservation, to the artisan blacksmith in a small Wyoming town, to the story behind the way in which some of the unique names have been bestowed upon our communities, Our Wyoming seeks to explore what makes our state uniquely ours.

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My Wyoming Life - Jessie Allen

Former Miss Wyoming and Manager of the Diamond 4 Ranch explains what makes Wyoming unique.

Natural Trap Cave

Follow these paleontologists as they explore an ancient cave that holds clues to what wyoming looked like during the last ice age. They'll have to employ everything from single rope caving techniques to ancient dna analysis and radiocarbon dating to get as much data as they can during their 3 year expedition.



Thermopolis was named for exactly the reason you'd suspect. Thermal features + city (in Greek) = Thermopolis. But there's more to the town's history than that!

Never Quit: A Wyoming Marine's Story

Lifelong Wyoming resident and WWII veteran Tom Guthrie shares his experience being deployed to the pacific from 1943 - 1945.


Back From The Brink: Sauger

High-Elevation Wyoming Sauger are a unique species but are related to the walleye. After a massive decline in population, Tribal, State, and Federal wildlife agencies attempt to rebuild their numbers.


Chugwater would certainly make the top 5 of oddly named towns in Wyoming. In this episode we explore the history of Chugwater and how it got its name.


Dave the Blacksmith

It might seem like old world craftsmanship has gone by the wayside. But in Pavillion, Wyoming, Dave Leniger is keeping one of those traditions alive. To him, there is nothing more satisfying than hand forging something useful from raw steel.

Wind River Bighorn

Bighorn sheep were once prolific across Wyoming. In this episode we look at what happened in to the Sinks Canyon herd, and how a number of people and organizations have come together to study the neighboring Temple Peak herd of bighorn sheep, one of the last remaining in the southern Wind River mountains. Their findings will be used to determine whether or not it would be beneficial to add additional sheep to the area.



Small towns with storied histories dot the Wyoming landscape. In this episode we look at Encampment and how it's past present and future help make Wyoming unique.

Wind River Raptors

Wyoming has the highest density of Golden Eagles in the western United States, and only a handful of people trying to keep it that way. For Nathan Barnes, executive director of Wind River Raptors, the life and death consequences of rescuing and rehabilitating these injured, orphaned, or ill birds of prey is part of the job.


A Time Of Testing

Every year thousands of Mormon youth travel to Wyoming from across the United States to pay tribute to the pioneers who settled the West. WyomingPBS explores the challenges and lessons learned as they walk, push, and pull their belongings by handcart for over 30 miles across the barren Wyoming plains.

Shoshone Buffalo Return

Since 1885 the Shoshone people have been without buffalo on their land. After decades of effort beginning in the 1990's a coalition of individuals and organizations led by Jason Baldes have taken the first step in returning the North American Bison to their native lands. No where is this action more culturally and ecologically significant than on the Wind River Indian Reservation in central Wyoming.