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Eldercare - Wyoming Perspectives
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Wyoming Perspectives

Taped Thursday, May 29, 2014. Eldercare brings together experts to discuss in-depth the issues facing Wyoming' communities as they rise to the challenge of caring for their elders. This live call-in show uses the expertise of its guests to offer viewers the opportunity to discover what other Wyoming communities are doing and to find the resources and contacts for local initiatives. As panelist Tim Summers of Cheyenne says, "There are many things you can do to improve."

Program host, Deborah Hammons, and expert guests, examine the issue of how Wyoming currently manages eldercare and discuss ways community efforts can change it. Guest panelists include Deb Fleming, Ph. D., Director of Mountain-Pacific Quality Health Wyoming; Tim Summers, Wyoming State Director of AARP, serving 92,000 Wyoming residents; Carmen Rideout, Sheridan Senior Center Director and original Board member for the Sheridan Green House project; and Dale Bell, award-winning filmmaker whose most recent documentary efforts chronicle the Sheridan Green House project.

Wyoming Long Term Care Ombudsman

Important Phone Numbers

  • Aging & Disability Resource Center - 877-435-7851
  • Wyoming Aging Division - 307-777-7986

The Sheridan Green House Project
"Homes on the Range"

For ten years, filmmakers documented the Sheridan Green House project to capture for a national audience how a small Wyoming community came together to dramatically improve how they cared for their elders. For the first time on television, a sneak preview of their documentary efforts, Homes on the Range, will be broadcast on Wyoming PBS, to be followed by an in-depth discussion of long-term care alternatives in Wyoming.

Sheridan Green House, one of 260 Green House Projects nationally, represents a revolution in long-term care, creating small homes that return control, dignity, and a sense of well-being to elders, while providing high-quality, personalized care.

A Green House home differs from a traditional nursing home in terms of facility size, interior design, organizational structure, staffing patterns, and methods of delivering skilled professional services.

Nationally, 25% of those age 85 and older live in long-term care facilities. In the next 10 years, Wyoming's 85+ population is projected to more than double in number, pressuring the state's nursing homes to accommodate a new era of residents. Are the facilities ready, and are communities ready to place their family members and neighbors in the facilities as they currently exist? As Carmen Rideout said, "Sheridan is a small town with a lot of spirit. It takes a lot of persistence."